Marylaine Viernes emcees for Jo and Jae’s breathtaking wedding ceremony

Who says that blue means sadness? Certainly not in the breathtaking wedding where Ms. Marylaine Viernes served as master of ceremony / wedding host, of Jo Alano – De Monteverde and Jae De Monteverde, with its glorious blue motif.


Held at the luxurious grand ballroom of Bellevue Hotel, this certainly was a wedding to remember! Attended by an intimate crowd comprising of the couple’s good friends and family, Jo and Jae proved that love withstands challenges. The beautiful bride spoke candidly about how they met and how quickly she processed her papers as she worked as HR Manager. True and light indeed! They are soul mates, proving that there really is what they call “Love at First Sight! It was also an entertaining ceremony as well with Jo and Jae showing off their dancing skills and more!

Best wishes to the beautiful bride, Jo and her husband Jae. May you both live a spectacular, blessed and happy life together, as Mr. and Mrs. De Monteverde!  MARYLAINE VIERNES - JO AND JAE WEDDING MARYLAINE VIERNES - JO AND JAES WEDDING MARYLAINE VIERNES FOR JO AND JAES WEDDING

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