Marylaine Viernes for the PHILIPS Lifestyle Mall Shows

Marylaine Viernes is extremely grateful to be the event host for a string of Philips Mall Road shows for several years now. PHILIPS is a trusted name all over the world, and through their innovations, the continue to make life easier and more meaningful.

Photo below shows event host, Ms. Marylaine Viernes award a lucky member of the audience with a Philips AVENT Toddler Feeding set, along with the beautiful Ms. Michelle Ressa Aventejado.


This year, the spotlight is on various Philips lifestyle brands, namely: PHILIPS KITCHEN APPLIANCES, PHILIPS STYLING TOOLS, PHILIPS SAECO COFFEE MAKER & PHILIPS AVENT! Each of these segments has its own brand ambassadors, so Marylaine introduced Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen, kitchen queen and The Aristocrat endorser, along with blogger, model and supermom Ms. Michelle Aventajado for the Philips Consumer Lifestyle Products and Kitchen Appliances.

For grooming and styling, Ms. Ara Fernando was the lovely and funny ambassador whose savvy styling techniques helped many Philips users look and feel good. And lastly, never was there a dull moment with coffee queen, multi-awarded barista and entrepreneur, Ms. Anj Ferreria who lectured about something we all love – coffee! Photo below show the host with Ms. Anj Ferreria.


Life is good when you have the Philips Brand Ambassadors – and of course your favorite Philips products – to keep you company!

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