Marylaine Viernes co-hosts for TV 5 Morning Show

Marylaine Viernes is extremely honored to co-host TV 5’s morning shows, and zero in on fashion and trends, without breaking the bank.


Featuring Dress In Manila’s latest trends, Ms. Marylaine Viernes shares the best fashion finds based on trends and timely factors. Basic tips on fashion, grooming and wellness were also tackled and excited viewers had fun checking out some of the fashion finds after the morning show segment.

Kudos to the amazing TV 5 staff that make the morning show extremely exciting, and the talk on fashion and trends more exciting than ever. MARYLAINE VIERNES HOSTS FOR TV 5 3 - MARYLAINE LOUISE TV 5 3 - TV 5 HOST MORNING SHOW 3 - TV 5 MARYLAINE VIERNES HOST 3 - TV 5 MORNING SHOW HOST 3 - TV5 EVENT HOST MARYLAINE VIERNES

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