Marylaine Viernes hosts the EK Biki Water Park Opening Festivities

Enchanted Kingdom brings in the first water park in the country, known as the EK Biki Water Park. The one-of-a-kind water theme park is in partnership with Biki Park Korea, and it sets to bring in more tourists to the South area, to enjoy more exciting festivities within the park.

Marylaine Viernes hosted the exciting activity which saw to the formal opening of the park to the eager public – families and big groups all gathered together to enjoy the park amenities and most importantly, take part in the exciting opening programs.

The EK Biki Water park houses various bouncy castles and inflatable slides all leading to a gigantic water pool. It doesn’t get more exciting than this. So Water you waiting for? Come and join the fun this summer!BIJI PARK 5 BIKI PARK 1 BIKI PARK 2 BIKI PARK 3 BIKI PARK 4

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