Marylaine Viernes emcees Day 1 of the Barbie Mariposa Event

Barbie Day 2 - Marylaine Viernes Barbie Mariposa

Day 2 - Mary Viernes as Barbie Mariposa

Marylaine Louise Viernes is honored to once more host an exciting Barbie Party, this time for the launch of Barbie as Mariposa, Queen of the Fairy Butterflies! This exciting activity was once more held at the SM Makati Activity Area.

It was attended by hundreds of little Barbie girls who all enjoyed a fun meet and greet activity with Barbie Mariposa and her pretty butterfly friends who fluttered by, as well as face painting sessions and of course treats and prizes too! It was truly one successful and amazing movie launch and Barbie party!

DAY 2 - Mary as Barbie Mariposa

Catch Mary and her beautiful and delightful Barbie Fairy Butter-friends flying near you soon!

Barbie Day 2 - Marylaine Viernes Mariposa

– Marylaine Louise L. Viernes 

Marylaine Viernes Day 2 of the BARBIE MARIPOSA EVENT

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