Marylaine Viernes: Master of Ceremony for the Augustea Crew Conference

Marylaine Viernes is simply honored and blessed to once more become the master of ceremonies / emcee for Augustea Ship Manning Philippines, now in their second annual crew conference!


Marylaine Viernes also received the honor of being emcee last year, during the first-ever crew conference of the Augustea Group. They convene once more this year again at the Manila Peninsula to commemorate this significant affair.


marylaine-louise-Lagrain_viernes-Augustea Emcee

This event discussed important matters and trends in the maritime industry and served as a means of harnessing the Philippines greatest resource – the brave OFW’s as they partake in the ever-growing maritime world.

Marylaine-Viernes for Augustea

marylaine-viernes-with Ms Terrei Augustea

After the conference, we also had a fun ball, where drinks, good music and great company made the night more memorable! But one of the highlights of the evening was the awarding of scholarship to some of the fortunate kids of the Seafarers!

marylaine-viernes-Augustea Scholarship


Congratulations to the staff, management and crew of the ever-growing Augustea Ship Manning Philippines family! May you all bring more honor to the country for the many years to come! Smooth sailing and Godspeed!

  • Marylaine Viernes, Events Host




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