Mary that Girl!

If you chance on seeing Marylaine Viernes in one fabulous event – be it a savvy corporate function or a fun, funky mall party, you can definitely see her flair, no matter what character you may find her in.

Indeed, since Marylaine started hosting professionally back in 2008, she has shown dedication as an event host not just by simply showing up speaking her mind then fleeing right away. Mary goes the extra mile in bringing her signature style while blending in with the event theme. Marylaine Viernes can be all business when hosting serious events for companies and government entities, and then next event you see her all pink and fabulous for Barbie or Monster High mall parties!

Needless to say, Mary is extremely versatile in what she does, and even goes out of her way to research about the event for while Marylaine loves to dress up and be all dolled up, she knows that her look and demeanor is what will make the audience listen – but the substance in her speech is vital
to make you stay.

Mary is so relevant; she knows so much that she barely relies on a script and can even make up questions and games as she goes along. But while she has an expansive memory and deep knowledge, she remains so smart to keep her phone handy in case she needs to dig up more facts, trivia and fun!

These is so much love in what she does, and she tries her best to attract and share the good will and the good vibes, making her the favorite emcee for the most popular and well-loved brands in the country. All you have to do is plow through her friendly websites and blogs, and you will see the big brands and companies she has worked with!

Perhaps you will spot her in one event these days… And you can surely go, “Mary that girl… Mary’s great anyway…” And she will sing back with the lines… “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy… But here’s my number, so for hosting jobs, call me Mary.”

Smile and be Merry! Remember for your event needs – just call Mary!



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