Marylaine Viernes Professional Events Host

Marylaine Louise L. Viernes or simply “Mary” is also known as May or Louise to family. However, she got this monicker when her co-host for a series of GreenPan and Thermos events, celebrity Chef Nino Laus started calling her by this nickname and this encouraged Mary and their professional circles to call Mary by such. It felt right and from then on, Mary pursued her passion – hosting and public speaking – and bookings came as fast as you can say “Mary.”

A homonym to “Mary” is the word, “merry.” And yes, Marylaine Viernes chooses to live with a merry, thankful and optimistic heart, ready to take on any challenge through indefatigable Faith in God and the commitment to betterment of self.

Mary has emceed for so many companies, brands and institutions where she continues to gain so much knowledge and wisdom from.

With Mary as your event host, you can be assured of a very successful and Merry program! More of Marylaine Viernes hosting photos at her official online portfolio,


One thought on “Marylaine Viernes Professional Events Host

  1. Hi Ms. Marylaine,

    I saw your post at I am looking for an event host for our company Christmas Party on Dec 17, 2015 to be held at a hotel in Makati City.

    Please send me a reply if you are available or you may call me at 823-2158 (office) or mobile no. 092 0917 1141.

    Thank you,
    Atty. Consuelo Cruz


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